Today’s Personal Computing Blog Introduction

With the advent of smart phones, tablets and smart TVs, the world of personal computing has suddenly and dramatically changed right under our feet. The previous personal computing environment, where most everyone had one personal computer to process and store most or all of their data on files on a hard drive, has been shattered. Now, with smart phones, tablets and smart TVs, an individual’s data becomes available on all these devices, in addition to its personal computer. How does one ensures that he is always working on the latest version of its information? To properly address these new requirements, one must rethink his entire personal computing environment. This is the object of this blog.

Most everyone today faces this dilemma and feels left out in the cold on its own without knowing where to turn to. This is exactly how I felt after the purchase of my new smart phone. Worst, when I talk to friends and colleagues, those with no computing background don’t even realize what they need to do and try to cope by duplicating and/or synchronizing on their own.

The objectives

To address this crying need, I, who has a computer background but is not a techy, has started researching the WEB and Apps stores to put together a personal computing environment that would address my new requirements. I documented my findings for my personal records. After sharing my notes with friends, the reaction was so positive that I decided to formalize these personal documents and make them available to friends and family. The demand grew so much that I decided it would be easier to post these documents on a WEB site. Furthermore, being aware that I am far from knowing everything there is on this subject, I decided on a blog web site where other knowledgeable participants could share their knowhow and experience for the benefit of all readers. Therefore, when you post something that is well researched and well written, I will make it available in the permanent documents of this blog site with the author’s name.

Syntell Inc.

Being an advisor to Syntell Inc., we mutually decided to also create links between our WEB sites to broaden the spectrum our coverage. Syntell Inc. is a Business Intelligence applications and services provider. Since their products operate on tablets and smart phones in addition to personal computers, their clients do face the same questions when it comes to their personal computing environment. In return, our readers can get an example of the challenges the corporate environment has to overcome. We feel both audiences will benefit from this interconnection.

The Initiator & Key Contributor

Normand Tremblay

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, in 1944. Attended CMR Military Academy (1962-64). Graduated in Civil Engineering from Sherbrooke University, in 1967. Worked for IBM Canada Ltd from 1967 to 79, as technical then sales representative, marketing manager then branch manager. Started Atkinson, Tremblay & Assoc. (ATA), an IT consulting firm specialized in Software Engineering,  in 1979, and grew the company to over 200 employees with offices in Canada & the USA. During the same period, started ASYST Technologies Inc. who developed and sold Software Engineering tools and education. ATA was sold to NYNEX in 1989, and ASYST was sold to Sterling Software in 1990. After retiring to Anguilla in the Caribbean’s in 1991, he became active in personal computing, a passion he still has today. In 2001, he moved to Freeport, Bahamas, where he currently lives. During the last few years, he has acted as outside advisor to Syntell Inc., a Business Intelligence applications & services provider. Other than personal computing, he manages his investment portfolios, excels in deep sea fishing and plays golf.

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