12.08-BIG MISTAKE by Samsung in trying to make the Galaxy S6 look more like an iPhone-2015-03-27

Samsung looks desperate! After surpassing Apple by at least a year technologically and coming out with smartphones that offer more advanced technologies and functionality, the latest iPhone 6 are selling like hotcakes. Why?

Apple has created a myth, a religion as presented in article:   9.3-The Apple religion and the new iPhone 6 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -2014-11-15. Owning an Apple product is fashionable for many! There is little Samsung can do about it! Steve Jobs, the genius, has created this image which eclipses any rational factual arguments. It does not matter if Apple is falling behind technologically; people want to be seen with the latest Apple product. They don’t care about functions and price, it is more important for them to be seen as being part of the Apple family!

Apple is doing the same thing with its watches. Even though they are one year behind technologically, they look super nice and are offered to match every taste and prices. Watches are fashion items. The LOOK and the BRAND is far more important than anything else. It seems that this is becoming Apple’s new market positioning, capitalizing on its notoriety, now that it has fallen behind technologically. Good for Apple and tough for its competitors.

Why is the Galaxy S6 a BIG MISTAKE for Samsung?

Samsung S6

Even though Apple has the notoriety, Samsung has the technology. Its Galaxy Note smartphone series has been ahead of the pack for years. You can validate this affirmation by reading the articles under 12-Samsung on this Web site. The Samsung Galaxy Note 1 was the first large smartphone when it was announced in the fall of 2011. Three years later, Apple comes out with a similar size phone, the iPhone 6, and suddenly these large size smartphones become the new norm.

There is nothing Samsung can do to make the Apple followers change their mind, especially not trying to give Samsung products the look and feel of an Apple product. This will just confirm, in the Apple followers’ minds, that they were right all along and that they continue to be right. What an endorsement for Apple! BIG mistake by Samsung!

The Samsung Galaxy smartphones offer a lot of unique and powerful features that the iPhones don’t have. Namely:

  1. You can easily remove the back of the phone to access the SIM card, a micro SD card and the battery.
  2. Being able to easily change the battery and/or use multiple batteries at will can be quite useful and surely less costly and more practical than getting it done by the manufacturer. It currently costs more than U$100 to get an iPad battery changed in the USA and close to two weeks. Furthermore, you get back someone else old iPad unless you pay additional money and wait longer. Who wants this?
  3. Being able to easily add or change a micro SD card to expand the device storage capacity is a real plus at minimal costs.
  4. The fact that these devices are water resistant is also a big plus.

Samsung sacrificed all these IMPORTANT unique features to produce the aluminum Galaxy S6 smartphone. Why sacrifice such important competitive advantages just to look more like an iPhone?

One of the reasons is the bunch of irrelevant products reviews that can be found on the internet and influence potential buyers. A large number of these product reviews are worthless, in my opinion.

  1. A good example is when you see someone make a BIG deal about the feel in your hand of an aluminum phone, when you know that MOST users put their phone in a case to protect it. Who should care that it has an aluminum back? You’ll never feel it. What’s the big deal? Yet, a lot of people are influenced by similar comments.
  2. When you see someone trying to flip super-fast between screens to the point that you cannot see the screens. What does it prove? Who should care?
  3. And a bunch of other similar comments as irrelevant from one to the next.

When you see product reviews, you should ask yourself: what does this device do to facilitate what I use it for? If the review does not cover what you use the device for, you should dismiss this review immediately. Now days, anyone can publish on the Internet. Many reviewers are paid while others want to be noticed. We must therefore exercise judgment!

Since most smartphone buyers don’t realize that a smartphone is a computer and that it should be evaluated as such: comparing power, storage capacity, functionality, customizability… in relation to what you use it for. It should show you how to take full advantage of what this technology offers and how to best use it to your advantage. I hope you will find this sort of information on this Web site since this is what I am trying hard to achieve.

Four leading operating systems

There are four leading operating systems in the market today. They are:

  1. Microsoft Windows that operates most PCs.
  2. Google Android that operates a majority the of smartphones and tablets.
  3. Apple iOS that operates Apple products.
  4. Google Chrome that operates Chromebook PC like laptops, mostly used in schools.

NOTE: the operating system is the most important piece of software that operates on every of your computing devices. It’s the software that gives your devices their personality. To better understand what it is and its importance, please read the following article: 04.1–What is a computer?-2012/01/16.

I have all four operating systems in operation at home. I personally have been using Windows on a daily basis since the early 80’s. I have been using Android on a daily basis since December 2011. My wife uses an Apple iOS iPad tablet on a daily basis since the spring of 2011. Finally, I have purchased a Chromecast laptop, in the fall of 2014, to learn about this unconventional new operating system. I am therefore able to compare them all.

The operating system is the set of instructions that makes a computing device easy to learn and use, provides most of its operational functionality and determines the value for the end user of each device. It can make and kill a company.

Let’s take the BlackBerry as an example. Just a few years ago the BlackBerry was the dominant smartphone in the market place. Then came Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Both operating systems offering a new easy to learn and use smartphone experience. It took the market by storm and within a few years completely eclipses BlackBerry which was way too slow to adapt.

The same thing is happening with Microsoft Windows right now but at a slower pace. The fact that the new smartphones and tablets have become powerful computers that now compete to replace PCs, Microsoft, who was also too slow to react, finds itself in an eroding PC marketplace. Their only hope is to protect their dominance in the Office software.

All this is good for us the consumers, especially the older generation that has been using the Microsoft Office products for years. They are now available on iOS and Android products. We therefore, don’t have to re learn new Office type software and can preserve our Office files history intact.

Samsung must keep the course and I sincerely hope it will!

Samsung has achieved technological and manufacturing leadership. This is one thing that its main competitor has either lost or never had. The Android operating system, on Samsung products and more significantly on the Galaxy Note series, has surpassed iOS in terms of functionality and flexibility. Therefore, in my opinion, Samsung must maintain the course to continue winning in the long run and for us to continue benefiting from leading edge technology. Trying to imitate a competitor has rarely been a winning strategy. I hope Samsung realizes this soon enough.

Because today’s smartphones are in fact full fledge computers that will gradually replace PCs, it is therefore important to evaluate them as such.

Apple has never been the leader in business computing. Microsoft has. Microsoft who dominated the PC market for years has lost the race in the smartphone/tablet arena. This is why Microsoft is scrambling so hard to get its software on as many computing platforms as they can, not to lose the Office Apps market. Meanwhile, Apple has signed alliances with IBM to strengthen its business computing foothold.

In the meantime, Android, with two-thirds of the market, has become the dominant smartphone operating system and is, in terms of business functionality, more similar to PC’s functionality. It is therefore, the natural PC replacement operating system.  You should read article 04.2 – Using your smartphone with a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, as your single personal computer-2014-08-21 that will provide you with a vision of the projected evolution of the smartphone technology uses. It will show you why the large smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note series or similar, also called phablets, are eating into the tablet market, as per the IDC’s statistics referenced below.  This confirms my predictions and should convince you that sticking with the Samsung Galaxy Note series products is an investment that should allow you to continue being at the forefront of the smartphone computing technology.

The following article Windows Looks To Gain In Sluggish Tablet Market, IDC Finds shows that tablet sales have declined, for the first time ever, in the 2014 fourth quarter. IDC’s 2015 tablet sale forecast for a mere 2.1% increase. Meanwhile, large smartphone sales are booming. It shows that PC migration is going towards products like the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet/PC. It also shows that: Apple’s “iOS might be facing some stiff competition from Windows. Despite modest adoption to date, Windows is expected to make significant progress over the next five years. Its market share is expected to escalate from 5.1% in 2014 to 14.1% in 2019”.

If you are considering buying a smartphone soon, you should seriously consider buying a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge who’s innovative functionality is described in article: 12.07-Part 7 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-Note Edge Functions-2014-12 -21.

I hope this article is shedding light on the projected evolution of the smartphone technology and will guide you as to how to approach it.

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