12.07-Part 7 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-Note Edge Functions-2014-12 -21

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read Part 1 of this series FIRST in order to understand who can benefit from reading this series of articles and how to go about it. To get to Part 1, just click on the following hyperlink: 12.01-Part 1-Introduction on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-2014-11-30 

What will you learn reading this article?


This functions and settings video covers the NEW functions available on the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

In particular:

  • View the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge particularities, unique features and technical specs
  • View the unboxing of a Note Edge
  • Review the inside of the Note Edge
  • Review the Note Edge physical and hardware characteristics versus the Note 4
  • Start viewing the Note Edge screen functionality
  • Learn how to access and navigate the Edge Settings
  • Use the S Pen with the Edge screen
  • Learn how to customize your Edge under Express me
  • Learn how to configure Information stream
  • Learn how to unlock your screen from the Edge
  • Learn new features to accommodate the Edge display
  • Learn how to use the new Edge Camera features
  • View physical differences between the Note 4 and the Note Edge 

Part 7 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note

This article is Part 7 of the Samsung Galaxy Note products functionality series’. Each Part describes a different set of functions, so that the whole series covers most of the important functionality available.

Note Edge

PLEASE NOTE: the remarks from this point up to the start of the video are the same for Part 2 to 7. Therefore, if you just read one of these articles and remember the cautionary remarks that follow, you can skip reading them again and go directly to viewing the video.

There are different ways of viewing the following video:

  1. TO GET AN OVERVIEW of the different functions presented and to judge, for yourself, how important these powerful easy-to-use functions are, I recommend that you get a drink, sit back comfortably and view sequentially ALL the videos in the series from beginning to end.
  2. TO LEARN the functions presented: view the video, function by function, until you understand each one. Use the title, the description and the “Reference” column to move the cursor to each specific function you want to learn and/or implement.
  3. TO REFRESH YOUR UNDERSTANDING of specific functions. If you happen to forget how to use a specific function and need to refresh your understanding: use the title, the description and the “Reference” column to move the cursor to the specific function you want to refresh your understanding of.

VIDEO NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS: Below you will find: (1) the list of the Galaxy Note features presented in this video along with (2) the “Reference” location of each function presented (the first number refers to the video Part #, followed by the elapse time on the video) and, (3) the description of how relevant this feature is and why use it. Use the elapse time “Reference” to control the video meter and move the cursor to the beginning of the description of the function you want to watch. The function descriptions on this specific video are for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge operating under Android KitKat and customized and enhanced by Samsung. Most of the functions demonstrated on this video are available, with small variations, on all the following Samsung Galaxy Note models: Note 1, Note II, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 8.0, Note 10.1, Note 10.1/2104 Edition, Note Pro 12.2, running the latest Android version available. NOTE: Certain earlier Samsung Galaxy Note models, such as the Note 1 and II, and certain tablets do not offer all the functions presented here. You will notice this if the settings parameters presented here do not display on your Note screen. Make sure that all the available settings parameters are activated before concluding that a function is not available. FURTHERMORE: it would seem that some features offered by Samsung are not supported by my phone provider, and that would be why some menu items do not show up on my Settings menus. This is something I have to pursue with my phone provider. Finally, make sure to install Android Lollypop version 5 that should be available shortly for download on recent Note products.


  • Please note that the Settings menus may vary from one Samsung Note Android version to the next AND from one Samsung Note model to the next.
  • Also know that there is a very useful Settings Search function available when you first enter Settings.
  • When you start typing or handwriting a Search, a scrolling selection list will appear.
  • Select the item that you’re looking for when it first appears in the scrollable list. Note that you only need to type or handwrite until you see what you are looking for appear and select it.
  • I strongly suggest that you mostly use this very useful Settings Search function instead of navigating the Settings menus, as you may see done on the videos by experienced Note users. NOTE: this Settings Search function does not always find the setting you may be looking for, mostly if it involves an add-on like the Google keyboard, for example. In such cases you have to navigate the Search the traditional way.
  • Therefore, to make things simple, I will mostly use the Settings Search function in this series of articles.
  • Following the word SEARCH, in capital letters, I will write the text to search, in italic, for example: pen detection. Therefore, the expression will look like this: SEARCH pen detection.

After searching the internet, I reviewed a large number of videos on the Galaxy Note Edge before I could find one with content. The following applies to most smartphone and tablet video reviews. There is a lot of none sense on most videos, because most reviewers have little or no business background, so they assess a smartphone from the seat of their pans. Some others try to be politically correct and say generalities because they may expect something in return? I don’t know.

Many young reviewers review these smartphones as if they were toys and most probably they are to them. You can see them test how fast they can scroll the screen as a selection criterion. Who gives a dam?  Many reviewers make a big deal on things like plastic versus aluminum or the hand feel which is quite subjective, etc… The large majority of people put their phone into a case. A review of the good available cases would be more useful. I have to admit, that I found a few cases evaluation videos.

Another example is when they compare the Note Edge to the Note 4. Other than the Edge unique Edge features, the two devices have the same hardware specifications and use most of the same software. Why bother going into any such comparisons? When you don’t know what to evaluate smartphones on, you create all kinds of none sense criteria’s for the sake of it! Thankfully, I was able to find one review that described the unique functions of the Edge. Using this video, I will try to show you how you can you benefit from the Edge unique features in my comments below!

NOTE: Click on the colored underlined video title to start viewing each of the following YouTube videos.

For an OVERVIEW of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge outstanding features, please view the following videos on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Web site: The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

For a function by function review of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, please view the following video: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Note 4: Unboxing & Review-Nov. 19, 2014, by DetroitBORG.

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

7-00:00 – Intro

7-00:16 – View the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge particularities, unique features and technical specs

7-01:00 – View the unboxing of a Note Edge

  • The white version generally looks better than the black, because of the contrasts with the case and the screen.

7-02:25 – Review the inside of the Note Edge

  • A removable battery, which is easy and quick to change, is a REAL PLUS to ensure that you always have power even after long work days.
  • This is not to mention the Ultra Power Saving Mode, available on the Note 4 and the Note Edge, in cases when you do not have a second fully charged battery with you.
  • It is also easy to add up a 128 GB micro SD card, to increase the device 32 GB main storage. This will allow you to save large files, pictures, videos… on your device, that you can to access without having to download it each time you need to use it.
  • As you can see, it is also very easy to replace the SIM card as you move from one country to the next with an unlocked Note device.
  • The NFC technology, to use the device as a credit card or communicate between compatible devices, is built into the battery.

7-03:07 – Review the Note Edge physical and hardware characteristics versus the Note 4

  • Nothing meaningful to report here other than the new Edge on the Note Edge.

7-05:36 – Start viewing the Note Edge screen functionality

  • The bottom Apps icons, on previous Notes models, have been moved on this new Edge. This free up valuable space on the main screen.
  • The Apps on the Edge are scrollable: therefore, you can have a lot more Apps readily available at your finger tip. Another nice improvement.
  • The Edge has retained the multi Apps icon feature, available on previous Note models. This allows you to group a number of Apps by categories. This makes searching for a particular App much easier.
  • By tapping on a multi Apps icons you see on the Edge, you can expand it on the main screen to view all the Apps inside this icon and pick one.
  • You can scroll through the Edge menu, to see all the available Apps and pick one, versus scrolling the main screen Apps windows and therefore disrupting the window you were working on. This is significant if you are like me and don’t like to lose sight of the main windows you’re working on.
  • The Apps drawer and the phone short cuts, which were at the bottom of the screen before, have been preserved for readily access at all times.
  • You can swipe laterally through the Edge screen to view a customizable set of menus, including the recent Apps that might still be active allowing you to access these quite easily without affecting the main screen. This is significant if you are like me and don’t like to lose sight of the main windows you’re working on.
  • If you swipe down on the Edge, you get useful Quick widgets, for example, to turn the Mic ON for vocal input and recording, to turn the LED light ON at night…
  • You can even turn ON a ruler to measure some thing small.
  • You find a stop watch which is convenient to start clocking something quickly.
  • You also get your notifications on the Edge versus the main panel. Once again without disrupting the main screen.
  • As you can see, moving lots of selection menus and notifications to the Edge offers a significant improvement in the ease-of-use of the Edge versus any other smartphone. This because you DO NOT DISRUPT the work going-on on the mains screen to explore something else. This is VERY significant to me!

7-07:21 – Learn how to access and navigate the Edge Settings

  • Swipe up the Edge from the bottom and the Settings icon will appear.
  • Tap the Edge Settings icon to access the settings and customizing the Edge menus and functionality.
  • Once into the Edge Screen Manager you can access several Edge Settings.
  • The Manage panels’ settings allow you to add or remove panels from the Edge screen, based on your needs. There are a lot to pick from. A lot come pre-installed.
  • You can download new panels from the Store, by tapping on the Store icon, to select and download them. All are FREE right now. Also, Apps developers are already at work, to come up with new Edge menus and functionality, as they adapt their Apps to take advantage of this new feature.
  • You can hover your S Pen over each proposed Edge panel to get a small popup description.
  • When you see a small pencil icon at the bottom of an Edge panels, it means it is customizable. As you know one of the MAJOR differences between Android devices and their competitors is that Android devices are VERY CUSTOMIZABLE. This brings a lot of value by allowing you to adapt a multi-function device to your own needs and personality.
  • You can also uninstall or re-order Edge menus using the top right menu icon.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT the sequence the order of your Edge menus because the first one in the series acts as the Home screen. You can decide which one you want to use as your Home screen. Again, practical customizability!
  • Here is a suggestion for the first three favorite panels: the Apps panel, that holds all your Home screen Apps, should typically be your first Edge panel. Followed by the Beefing panel, showing all your notifications, which is very handy. Followed by the Task switcher panel that shows all your recent Apps, in order to quickly launch them again.
  • Now that ALL your favorite Apps are on an Edge panel, you can readily access one without reverting to the main screen, which is very useful. You swipe an App icon to start it, without reverting to the main screen. All of this is customizable. You can easily drag an App from the Apps main menu to an Edge menu.
  • You can swipe to the Beefing panel to see your notifications, for example: check the weather, how many unread text and email messages and some App notifications.
  • To get to your emails or messages, jut tap on the number.
  • You can decide which Apps can send notifications to the panel in the Settings.
  • The Task manager panel allows you to access all your recent Apps to restart one or end one. This provides very quick access to recent Apps since they are generally the one you usually work on.
  • You can tap at the top of the menu to get to your Application Manager to end a specific App or ALL the active Apps.

7-10:43 – Use the S Pen with the Edge screen

  • Using the S Pen with the Task Manager allows you to get a preview of the recent Apps window by hovering the S Pen over an App title on the Edge.
  • The Edge window does disappear when not in use. For example, when you’re within an App. You can re-invoke it, by swiping it, and it will reappear.
  • It is very productive to have access to so many things with just the swipe of your finger.
  • If you’re LEFT HANDED, just turn the phone upside down to have the Edge on the left side and the screen will adjust automatically.
  • By swiping from the bottom edge up, you get a popup menu that replicates the Menu, Home and Back physical bottom keys of the phone when it is top side up. The Edge menus work the same.
  • You can also enable 180 degree rotation on your Settings.
  • If these virtual controls icons get in your way sometimes, you can minimize/maximize them at will.
  • There is some degree of palm rejection if your palm touches the Edge, not to start something by accident. For example, if you tap along the side of an icon it will not activate. You have to tap it more inside to activate it. Over time, you will get used to holding the Note Edge properly not to accidently access menu items.

7-12:10 – Learn how to customize your Edge under Express me

  • You can customize the wall paper of the message panel on your Edge screen.
  • You can edit the image of the background with preinstalled pictures or photos you’ve taken. Once you’ve selected a picture, you get a cropping tool that lets you move the underlying image to select the portion that pleases you.
  • You can apply a lot of different effects, and so on. You click DONE when you’re done. When you go to the lock screen Edge screen you will see the selected wallpaper.
  • You can customize the text to whatever you’d like. I personally would put in my name and home phone number in case I forget or lose my phone, and a Good Samaritan finds it and wants to contact me. That’s what I have on my Note 3 right now. You can type it in or use handwriting instead.
  • You have the choice of selecting an animated wallpaper which is kind of fancy, but will surely attract attention.

7-13:24 – Learn how to configure Information stream

  • Information stream provides a way for editing the Briefing panel by using news feeds such as: Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sport or Yahoo News. If you select Yahoo Finance for example, you can edit exactly what appears in that feed: show specific live stocks quotes, for example. If you select Yahoo Sport, you can view the sport news of a certain league, for example the NBA, the NFL or the NHL and more. If you want some of these news panels, you only have to enable them in Manage panels.
  • There is also a night clock which will turn the Edge into an illuminated night clock consuming low power. Once again quite useful while traveling or away from home. You can also adjust your personal message.

7-14:10 – Learn how to unlock your screen from the Edge

  • Just swipe the Edge screen several times to unlock it.
  • Once it is awaken it will start scrolling to show your pending notifications.
  • Just swipe towards the main screen to navigate your Edge menus. All of this without unlocking the device.
  • Once you tap on one App to select it, it will activate unlock. If you use a pin to unlock your screen, you will need to enter it at this time.

7-14:35 – Learn new features to accommodate the Edge display

  • A new popup menu, which you invoke by swiping the bottom left edge of the device with your left thumb replicates the bottom Menu, Home and Back keys.
  • You can reposition this menu anywhere along the left side, by moving it with your finger. This will accommodate left one hand operation.
  • You can window some Apps occupying the main screen, by swiping them from the upper left corner.
  • You also have the one handed mode, just like the Note 4, which can be invoked by swiping in either the mid-point of the left or right side of the device.
  • It is important to note that the Edge panel appears on the reduced size window and operates the same way. Quite amazing!

7-15:35 – Learn how to use the new Edge Camera features

  • Most Apps, since they have not been converted for using the Edge, don’t use the Edge. Except, some Apps like the Camera stock App.
  • You can therefore take your photos or action other controls from the Edge, which leaves the full main screen for the image.

7-15:57 – View physical differences between the Note 4 and the Note Edge

7-16:30 –Summary

  • After viewing this video and reading the narrative in the article, you should have a good understanding of the Note Edge unique functionality and the advantages it brings to the table.
  • The Edge brings a second piece of real estate that is more ergonomic to use and increases your ease-of-use and productivity.
  • The narrator voices his opinion, comparing the Edge with the Note 4, and he seems to favor the Note 4 for a few small details, in my opinion.
  • My own opinion is that these concerns don’t overweight the notable ease-of-use and productivity benefits the Edge brings. I would therefore personally, lean towards the Edge.
  • I remember vividly, in the fall of 2011, when the Note 1 was introduced. I had been waiting for a long time for its release to buy my first smartphone. The commentators of the time were ALL questioning the value of a phone that size. Many where saying that you would look stupid holding such a large phone to your ear. Now, that this large size is the new norm, they all praise the value of such a large phone. Especially, since the unveiling of the iPhone 6 Plus. Go figure! I predict the same will happen with the Edge. Once more people start appreciating the numerous benefits such an additional separate screen brings and the concept gets generally accepted, their opinions will change. Normal human resistance to change!

This concludes the description of the functions presented in this module. You can access the presentation of other functions by accessing other modules in this series. Remember that the reference list of all the functions presented in this series can be found at the end of Module 1.

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