12.01-Part 1-Introduction on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-2014-11-30

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note products?

Who should read this series of articles?

Be aware that both my business perspective and my business experience are reflected in my comments when I analyze a product. Therefore, if you are looking for a smartphone solely to converse and text, send and receive emails, research the Internet, share on social networks and play games, this series is not specifically aimed at you, even though many of the features reviewed greatly facilitate this type of use. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smartphone to be able to execute most anything you usually use a laptop or a desktop computer for, in addition to what’s mentioned above, and you are eager to learn how to do it, then this series of articles is for you. 

Why this series of articles?

Because the drawback of offering so much functionality and being so highly customizable is that there is a lot more to learn to take full advantage of the available functionality. To customize the Note to your specific requirements you’ll need to navigate and adjust the settings. This series of articles will help you do both: learn to productively use a Note and learn to customize it to suit your specific needs.

How to learn to productively use a new smartphone or tablet product?

Here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Search the Internet for credible articles and product reviews to familiarize yourself with the product functionality. This Web site is a good source for practical and pragmatic advices.
  2. Search the Internet for YouTube videos that show you how to use the product or highlight its functionality. This Web site offers a good selection of such videos.
  3. Read, reread and use this series of articles to improve your knowhow, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone or tablet user or looking to become one.
  4. Each time you have some free time, instead of playing games, go to Settings and explore different Settings’ options to learn what options are available and how to use them. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  5. Try teaching others. This will force you to develop an in depth understanding which in turn will benefit you. This is an important benefit I derive from writing articles on this Web site.

What will you learn reading this first article in the series?


What you should know and do in order to take full advantage of today’s smartphone and tablet technologies.

In particular:

  • The guiding principles to follow.
  • The need to digitize all your important information.
  • The need to purchase, install and use OfficeSuite 8 Pro for file management and office type work.
  • The need to move to Cloud storage.
  • How to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR), handwriting and voice conversion to text.
  • Why use and how to use Google’s Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks…
  • How to become paperless using Samsung’s Action Memo with the S Pen.
  • And lots more…

Part 1 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note

This Part 1 article introduces a series of articles on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This introduction module essentially presents what should you do to take full advantage of the functionality available on today’s smartphones and tablets.

General approach and guiding principles

The next 6 articles in this series present the functionality available on the Galaxy Note products and how compelling their potential is. But potential and benefits are two different things. As amazing a product potential can be, you can only benefit from its use if you know what you’re doing. Therefore, before jumping in, I recommend that you read the rest of this article to familiarize yourself with the prerequisites to take full advantage of the potential offered by these products’ powerful user friendly functionality.

But first, please read 02-Approach to review the guiding principles that this web site articles follows. These are being pragmatic, keeping things simple and sticking with the market leaders. Such proven approach greatly reduces potential pitfalls and maximizes returns. One important factor to help you learn faster is to limit the number of suppliers you deal with and the number of Apps you download and install on your device. The minimum the better!

This article is structured as follow:

  1. I have regrouped the productivity functions by type.
  2. Since a number of the recommended functions have already been covered in other articles, I will refer you to these articles for the details.
  3. Since there is so much to cover, to minimize the size of this article, I will refer you as much as I can to quality material developed by others, when available. 


PCs, tablets and smartphones are information management tools. They are used to search, access, edit, store, retrieve, transform, display, etc… various types of digitized information. These electronic devices can only be beneficial if they have valid accessible digitized information to work with. The internet can be used to access outside digitized information. But, before our personal and business information can be used, it must be available in digital format. Converting, storing and working with digitized information offers, BY FAR, THE BIGGEST PRODUCTIVITY POTENTIAL for any individual or corporation. No wonder everyone around you (hospitals, doctors, stores, factories…) enter all the information they need in digital format directly on their computers. We are far into a paperless society, when will you join us?

Let me present a few revealing examples to show the needs:

  1. This one is basic: if you have not digitized your contact information, including their phone numbers, you will not be able to take advantage of your smartphone to search for their telephone number and dial it automatically. Neither will you know who’s phoning you when your smartphone rings. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to take the time to enter your contact information on your computer or phone. The best way to do this and ensure you only have to enter this information once to have it available on all your devices is covered below.
  2. You can easily take pictures with your new smartphone and show them to family and friends. But how about showing older picture prints or movies? Unless, you convert these in digital format, you will not be able to easily access them and show them on your smartphone or project them on your TV. What about distributing them to your children for posterity? It’s a snap once they’re digitized.
  3. The same applies to important medical, financial, legal or other documents. If you’re at your doctor’s office and he asks you about your last blood test, do you have this information readily available? The same applies to all other important documents. We live in the Information age, all of our information should be readily available!


As we said earlier, the biggest productivity gain when using computers, tablets and/or smartphones, is being able to easily and quickly access ANYTHING, from anywhere, whenever you need it. If this information is already on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it is digitized. What needs to be done is for you to digitize the rest of your information that is not computerized.

Which information should you digitize? Anything that you cannot throw away and that you may need to access in the future for legal, financial or personal reasons.

To digitize your personal information, look for conversion devices that will allow you to productively digitize documents or use specialized services that will do this for you. Once done, classify this information on your computer and/or the Cloud and take backups.

How to digitize?

  1. Documents: use the scanner that comes with all-in-one printers or any other scanner you can get hold of. Scanning will produce a picture of a document. Generally, you will only need access to older documents. Therefore, you only have to classify these pictures of documents generated by the scanner, give them a title and store them for future access. Which documents: wills, deeds, medical records, important contracts, anything legal, important financial documents, company records (Agreements, resolutions,…), whatever you or your heirs may need to access one day.
  2. Photos: once again use a scanner.
  3. Slides: you can use a scanner or a specialized device. Search the internet for solutions.
  4. Movies and videos: you may need to use a specialize services or acquire a specialized device. Search the internet for solutions.

Once you have digitized all your information, classified it and made backups, it will be available to you and future generations. This information represents an important part of your life. It will survive you and will assist your heirs in the settlement of your affairs, after you’ve passed away, and/or as souvenirs for the future generations.

When should you do this? The earlier the better! ACT NOW! 


Every day we manipulate lots of different type of documents and other digitized material such as photos, music, videos… Since I already have addressed the topic of file management, please read 08.4-OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a MUST for Office type work and Personal File Management on Android tablets and smartphones-2014-11-13. After reading this article and installing OfficeSuite 8 Pro you will be able to easily access file and retrieve whatever piece of information you need.


During the last ten years voice recognition has made tremendous progress. Using verbal communications to search for information or trigger action on our smartphone and tablets has become very effective.  The next articles in the series will cover this subject.


Use Cloud services to greatly simplify your life. The benefits are endless: easy access to your information from anywhere using whatever device, de facto backup, automatic synchronization ensuring you are always working on the latest version of your documents… Since the benefits are endless, I am amazed that so many people are still exclusively using their Windows PCs to store their information. Many have not done the effort of moving their files to the Cloud, which is a simple easy task. If you want to take full advantage of today’s technology you must move your files to the Cloud.

Since the subject is well covered in other articles, please read:  06.01–Cloud services: to only way to go!-2012-01/13, 06.02 – Dropbox Folder Sharing – 2012-12-24 and 06.03 – Cloud services – Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive – 2012-12-25. 


One of the most time consuming task when using smartphones and tablets, is data input whether it is text, images, sounds or other. Therefore, if we want to increase our productivity, we need to find ways to make data entry easier and faster. Here are few productive ways: 

1 – Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

With today’s search engines, Google Search and the like, we rarely start from scratch. We most often research the internet to find answers and thoughts to help us address the issue we need or want to write about. Many times, we find texts that can serve as a starting point but this text is in PDF or picture format. The most productive way to get such text into editable Words or other formats is to convert it using OCR. Please click on the following hyperlink to access an article that covers most of what you need to know to effectively use OCR. : 16.1-Convert scanned text or text in pictures into editable Word text, in Android and Windows, using OCR–2014-10-27. 

2 – From handwriting to typed text in documents using OfficeSuite 8 Pro.

Many people have not learned a typing technique and can hand write faster than they can type. For these people, having your smartphone or tablet convert you handwriting into editable text may be quite productive.


  • Please note that the Settings menus may vary from one Samsung Note Android version to the next AND from one Samsung Note model to the next.
  • Also know that there is a very useful Settings Search function available when you first enter Settings.
  • When you start typing or handwriting a Search, a scrolling selection list will appear.
  • Select the item that you’re looking for when it first appears in the scrollable list. Note that you only need to type or handwrite until you see what you are looking for appear and select it.
  • I strongly suggest that you mostly use this very useful Settings Search function instead of navigating the Settings menus, as you may see done on the videos by experienced Note users. NOTE: this Settings Search function does not always find the setting you may be looking for, mostly if it involves an add-on like the Google keyboard, for example. In such cases you have to navigate the Search the traditional way.
  • Therefore, to make things simple, I will mostly use the Settings Search function in this series of articles.
  • Following the word SEARCH, in capital letters, I will write the text to search, in italic, for example: pen detection. Therefore, the expression will look like this: SEARCH pen detection. 

Here’s how you go from handwriting to text:

  1. First, make sure the Google Keyboard App is installed on your device. If not, go to Google Play and download the “Google Keyboard” App.
  2. Then, in Settings, SEARCH pen detection to make sure that pen detection is not
  3. NOTE: this Google Keyboard App offers a lot of functions including: 3 types of keyboard (including a floating keyboard you can move around the screen), easy access to voice or handwriting options…
  4. In documents using OfficeSuite 8 Pro. Any time you have an open OfficeSuite 8 Pro document:
    1. Touch the document, where you want the text you will hand write to start, and a keyboard should appear.
    2. Touch & hold the symbol between Sym and the space bar, at the bottom of the keyboard, and a popup Keyboard and a Mic symbol should appear.
    3. Select the T with a pen symbol and a dark window should appear.
    4. You can now hand write into this dark window using a finger or your S Pen, which is a lot easier.
    5. Once you have handwritten a word, preferably in block letters or a clear handwriting, it will automatically converted into text and variations of that word will appear above. Just pick the one that best fits if the one generated is not the spelling you wanted. You can expand the choice and add punctuation by touching the V symbol and selecting the punctuation symbol you want. You can also do so using the keyboard while editing later. You can also edit a word by positioning the cursor and adding, deleting or replacing letters.
    6. Experiment with this functionality to become proficient. It is impressive and powerful. 

When you retrieve the S Pen or when you press the action button along its side with the S Pen near the screen, the Air Command menu will appear. You can then select the menu item you want. For example, pick Action Memo and handwrite yourself an Action Memo note. The same applies for the other options. You click the check mark, in the upper right corner to save it, or the X to discard it. We will cover these options later. 

3 – From voice to text in documents using OfficeSuite 8 Pro.

With today’s technology, you can dictate text that your smartphone will convert into editable text quite effectively. Even though there are others ways, I will show you how to dictate to text using Google voice typing and OfficeSuite 8 Pro because that’s where it would be most productive:

  1. First, make sure the Google Keyboard App is installed on your device. If not, go to Google Play and download the “Google Keyboard” App. Then, in Settings/Controls/Language and input/, make sure that Google voice typing is ON. You can further choose the languages and other options. By selecting both English and French for example, you can talk in either of these languages and the words will be generated.
  2. Voice to text in documents: any time you have an open document within OfficeSuite 8 Pro, you can trigger dictation to textbydoingas follow:
    1. Touch the document, where you want the text you will dictate to start, and a keyboard should appear.
    2. Touch & hold the symbol between Sym and the space bar, at the bottom of the keyboard, and popup Keyboard and Mic symbols should appear.
    3. Tap the Mic: Speak now should appear. Dictate the text while Speak now is on and the conversion should appear inside the document.
    4. Use a keyboard and/or a mouse to navigate inside the document and/or edit the document. To get to the Keyboard, touch the keyboard symbol on the screen. Then, touch the Mic to come back to dictation.
    5. It will initially take some practice until you become proficient, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. You will be amazed to see the text generated on the screen when you make the effort to articulate properly.


I am always amazed to see people, who own a smartphone, using a little notebook to keep their contact information and dial phone numbers manually. Digitizing your contacts information is one of the first things anyone should do after buying a smartphone. As you may have noticed reading other articles, I strongly recommend that everyone use Gmail and many other Google Apps, including: Google Search, Contacts, Calendar, Google Maps… especially if you have an Android smartphone or tablet. Because, Android is a Google product, it integrates the other Google products seamlessly which results into a coherent set of integrated FREE products that are powerful and easy to use. Please read articles: 07.1–How to configure Gmail?-2012/01/19 and 07.2 – The Google Universe-2013-06-24. These should guide you in the selection of the best Google Apps for your needs.

If you have never entered your contact information into a computer, you MUST do so right now into Gmail Contacts. This will make your contact info available on all your devices anywhere whenever you need it. If your contact info is available in a digitized format, do Google Searches to find the easiest way to convert it to Gmail Contacts, such as, for example: 3 ways to move email from other accounts to Gmail.


How many people own a smartphone but still use a paper agenda and write their TO DO & Task lists on little pieces of paper? I am one such sinner regarding TO DO lists and notes. One of my objectives in writing this article is to force myself to learn a productive way to become paperless.


I use Google Calendar which is integrated with Gmail and other Google products to provide all I need. Not only you can readily access and update your calendar on all your devices, but you also get reminder emails of coming events. Get more info on Google Calendar at: 07.2 – The Google Universe-2013-06-24

To do & tasks lists using Windows’ Gmail

There is a Tasks list part of Windows’ Gmail. Just click on “Gmail” with a down arrow in the upper left corner of the Gmail screen under Google, and select Tasks. A popup will appear in the bottom right corner of you Gmail screen. You can easily enter your to do & tasks list and manage them from there. I have done so but I am not inclined to consult it and work with it. I am looking for a more natural way which I think I found next.

To Do’s, Tasks lists & Notes using Samsung’s Action Memo and the S Pen

  1. Retrieve your S Pen and the S Pen Air Command menus will pop up. Approach your S Pen over an Air Command menus symbol to get its description before making a selection. Select Action Memo.
  2. OR, press on the S Pen side button and tap twice on the screen to open Action Memo.
  3. Once Action Memo opened, handwrite your To Do & Task list and click the check mark to SAVE it, or the X to delete it.
  4. REMENBER: at all times, approach your S Pen over a symbol to get its description before making a selection.
  5. The Action Memo offers the following menu symbols:
    1. the Pen to handwrite
    2. the Eraser to erase
    3. the Link to action, which allows you to use handwritten information to trigger an action:
      1. Phone – To call the handwritten number.
      2. Contacts – To add the handwritten info to Contacts.
      3. Messaging – To text to the handwritten number.
      4. Email – To send an email to the handwritten address.
      5. Browser – To search the web using the handwritten text.
      6. Map – To locate an address on Google Map using the handwritten text.
      7. Task – To add a task to the S Calendar, or to Google Calendar if you use the latest version like me, using the handwritten text.
    4. the background color to use different colors to differentiate different types of Action Memos.
    5. the Minimize button to minimize or expand an Action Memo.
    6. the List view to view all your Action Memos.
    7. the X to close an Action Memo.
    8. the check mark to save an Action Memo.

Experiment with Action Memos until you find what options are best suited for your needs.

COMMUNICATIONS (VoIP, Emails, Text Messages, Social Medias,…)

Phones & VoIP

Graham Bell invented landline telephone service over a hundred years ago. Now days, most people pay around $25-$30 a months for a landline telephone service, not counting long distances and other telephone features charges. Most have a cell phone or a smartphone for which they pay a monthly subscription often between $50 and $100. Finally, most have and pay a hefty fee of $50 to $100 a month for high speed internet. This totals between $125 and $230 a month, not counting long distances charges and taxes. People I know pay close to a thousand dollars a month for all such services adding the hefty fees to for cell phone services while outside the country and other options.

With VoIP (Voice Internet Provider) you can replace your landline telephone service and have your local phone service follow you everywhere you go if you have access to high speed internet service or Wi-Fi for around $30/year with MagicJack. Hard to believe, but true!


Since MagicJack services are covered in other articles, please read: 13.2 – Telephony with Magic Jack Plus-2013-05-21 and 13.4 – Powerful low cost telephone services-2014-07-15.

Skype and Google +

Skype, Google+ and other supplier offer FREE video call services. Skype is by far the most used. If you are not already a user, go to their respective web site. For Skype: http://www.skype.com/en/


I am amazed that lots of people still use an email address that is tied to their local internet service provider, like xyz@videotron.ca. When these people move and/or change internet service provider you get an email requesting you change their email address. In addition, when these people travel, they need to access their internet provider web site to access and respond to their emails. THIS IS PASSÉ/DONE/FINITO!

Now days, everyone should use an email address and service that is portable, whatever internet net service provider they use, wherever they are. I strongly recommend Gmail for the reason highlighted in article: 07.1–How to configure Gmail?-2012/01/19

Text Messages

Text messages using your cell phone are a very productive way of communicating that is widely used by the younger generation, but not as much by the older generations. I therefore invite the older generation to use this easy to learn and use functionality.

Social Medias (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…)

I am not a big social media person. I don’t like sharing my personal life with the rest of the world or even close circles. But I recognize that a lot of people do. So, if it suits your needs, join the crowd!

Office Type Work

Please read article 08.4-OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a MUST for Office type work and Personal File Management on Android tablets and smartphones-2014-11-13 which covers this subject in depth.

Passwords and other confidential Info

Please read article 15.1 – Implementing computer and mobile device security-2014-10-02 which covers this subject well. 

News, Magazines, Books

Most newspapers and magazines now offer a digital version of their printed paper. The newspapers’ digital versions are readily available early every morning for you to read. Many newspapers entice you into using their digital version over their paid paper version. Why? Because they make more profits from their digital version since they get the ad revenue and have very little distribution costs, as opposed to the paper version. This tells me that the days of the paper version are counted. Better get on board and start using the digital version! Anyway, it’s a lot more portable and enjoyable with the video add-ins.

There are newspaper and magazine subscriptions pre-loaded on most new Samsung Galaxy Note. For Montreal people La Presse+ is an excellent FREE newspaper subscription. Research your favorite newspaper to access or download their subscriptions.

Entertainment & Medias

Netflix is the most popular entertainment subscription. Please read article 14.1-Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player (From Google). The best there is for the price and ease of install and use!-2013-11-01 which covers this subject well.


Above we have presented what you need to do to take full advantage of the functionality available on today’s smartphones and tablets. The modules that follow in this series will present the functions offered when using the Samsung Galaxy Note products. You will be able to fully appreciate the unparalleled functionality and unmatched usability of these products. In addition, these modules allow you to learn and master these products functionality, if you already own one or if you decide to purchase one.

You will find below the list of the functions described in each Part in this series, as well as the references to easily access them. 

List of the functions covered and their access references

12.02- Part 2 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-Note 3 Functions-2014-12 -05

Video: Part 2 – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Most Useful Features, Tips, Tricks And Less Known Settings Make Life Easier

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

2-00:00 – Intro – The Galaxy Note S Pen

2-00:24 –Use the S Pen and Air Commands for a wide variety of tasks

2-00:50 –Use Action Memo and the S Pen for all kinds of handwritten notes AND handwritten To Do & Tasks lists to replace the little pieces of paper

2-02:50 – Use Scrap Booker for storing all king of material of interest that you can also annotate for future use

2-04:10 – Use Screen Capture to save a picture of the screen and Screen Write to annotate this picture that can then be saved and sent

2-05:00 – Use S Finder to locate information using various parameters

2-05:57 – Use the Pen Window functions to start an App on a floating window

2-07:00 – Select S Pen Detection options

2-07:26 – Select S Pen Keeper options

2-07:34 – Select to turn the Pointer on/off

2-07:54 – Select the S Pen Detachment options

2-08:20 – Use the S Pen Gallery options

2-09:01 – Use the Gallery viewing options

2-10:07 – Use the S Pen Video options

2-10:34 – Use the S Pen to write anywhere

2-11:05 – Learn how to activate the S Pen anywhere

2-11:24 – Use S Pen on the Menu or Back buttons

2-11:55 – Learn how to replace the S Pen tip

2-12:40 – Use Smart Gestures in Video Player (NOT the YouTube App)

2-13:22 –Take pictures of what is showing on the video while it is playing

2-13:40 – Enable video picture taking

2-13:51 – Play video in slow motion mode

2-14:12 – Check notifications while watching a video in full screen mode

2-14:38 – Attach images to a MMS using the S Pen

2-15:00 – Use Audio Zoom to increase the recording sensitivity of what’s within the zoom square is amplified.

2-15:25 – The use of the Magnify/Zoom options

2-15:57 – Use of manual camera and video focusing

2-16:55 – Do Picture/Image Editing on the phone

2-18:12 – Use the Hands-free phone option

2-19:01 – Use on-handed operation

2-20:46 – Use continuous typing mode if you can be good at it

2-21:36 – Move Apps to SD card

2-21:48 – Use any micro-USB cable

2-21:58 – Connect a pen drive using a micro-USB cable

2-22:24 – Connect a full size keyboard and a mouse


12.03- Part 3 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-More Note 3 Functions -2014-12 –09

Video: Part 3 – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Most Useful And Less Known (16) Features

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

3-00:00 – Intro

3-00:20 – Unlock the screen using your signature

3-01:10 – Post a personal message on the lock screen

3-01:55 – Use Easy Mode to make the phone trivial to use

3-02:42 – Use Samsung Knox for secure corporate access

3-03:20 – Disable annoying notifications for specific Apps

3-03:40 – Use Contact App scrolling to easily find a contact

3-04:12 – Use Air Gestures with Gallery to navigate while viewing photos

3-04:40 – Show/Hide content in gallery

3-05:15 – Add Photo Notes to pictures to remember people and events

3-05:40 – Create photo Collage artistry

3-06:27 – Lock Video screen for uninterrupted viewing

3-07:10 – Use Safety Assistance for emergency situations

3-08:12 – Increase Screen Sensitivity to operate while wearing gloves

3-08:32 – Use any micro-USB cable

3-09:00 – Connect a pen drive using a micro-USB cable

3-09:35 – Connect a full size keyboard and a mouse


12.04- Part 4 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-More Note 3 Functions-2014-12-14

Video: Part 4 – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Most Useful (20) Features, Tips And Tricks Video

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

4-00:00 – Intro

4-00:20 – Learn how to adjust color settings and screen modes

4-00:57 – Learn how to set the screen brightness

4-01:27 – Use automatic word generation and spelling correction while typing or handwriting an email, a SMS, a MMS or a document

4-01:26 – Cut, join, add spaces, concatenate, overwrite and edit words easily using the S-pen

4-03:14 – Turn ON word generation and spelling correction in settings

4-03:30 – Turn ON the LED Indicators in settings

4-03:55 – Set clock time alarms and location based alarms

4-04:42 – Learn how to preset Multi-Window Profiles for different Note usages

4-05:46 – Learn how to set and use the Music App and the Music Square function

4-06:20 – Use S Note’s Easy Chart with bar charts, pie charts

4-08:43 – Use Search within Settings to find the setting element you are looking for

4-09:11 – Use the Task Manager to manage your device

4-10:15 – Use the Lock screen animation effects

4-10:50 – Record videos in Slow motion mode, in Limit mode for MMS or to add special effects

4-11:14 – Activate Voice command

4-11:14 – Capture pictures using voice command

4-11:32 – Play music using voice commands

4-11:36 – View photos using voice commands


12.05- Part 5 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-More Note 3 Functions-2014-12-14

Video: Part 5 -Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Most Useful Features, Tips And Tricks Video

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

5-00:00 – Intro

5-00:12 – Customize features’ dobles to simplify accessing them

5-00:45 – Activate Blocking mode to make sure your smartphone does not disturb you when you don’t want to be disturbed

5-01:53 – Disable Notifications from any particular App

5-02:14 – Select how you want the Apps on your Note to be organized and displayed to locate them easily

5-02:52 – Use Search within Settings to find the setting element you are looking for (Same as 4-08:43)

5-03:18 – Use the Task Manager to manage your device (Same as 4-09:11)

5-04:37 – Use Vibrations patterns to identify who the call is coming from

5-05:51 – Learn how to activate the Developer options (This is NOT recommended unless you know EXCATLY what you are doing because it can mess up your phone)

5-06:18 – Learn how to adjust the sound produced by your device to your ear


12.06-Part 6 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-Note 4 Functions-2014-12–21

Video: Part 6.0 – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 10 best features

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

6.0-00:00 – Intro

6.0-00:30 – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 quality build and multiple colors

6.0-01:20 – Heart rate monitor sensor

6.0-o1:30 – Taking selfies pictures using the heart rate monitor sensor

6.0-01:42 – Using the home button as a fingerprint sensor

6.0-02:02 – The Samsung Quad HD Super AMOLED high definition display quality

6.0-02:52 –Unique S Pen functionality and sensitivity

6.0-03:50 – High performance processors and play features

6.0-04:25 – Multi-tasking to run multiple Apps simultaneously

6.0-05:30 – The rear camera comes with autofocus, image stabilization and a flash

6.0-05:43 – Excellent 3.7MP resolution wide angle front camera

6.0-06:12 – Longer battery life, super-fast charging, ultra-power saving mode and easily changeable battery: ALL greatly extend the Note 4 usable time, so that you never run out of power

6.0-07:00 – The S Health fitness App

6.0-07.33 – Infrared blaster to use your phone as a universal remote

6.0-08:28 – Closing remarks

Part 6.1 – Hidden Features of the Galaxy Note 4 You Don’t Know About

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

6.1-00:00 – Intro

6.1-00:30 – Learn how to share your Wi-Fi with other devices

6.1-02:12 – Learn how to use the S Pen like a mouse for Link preview

6.1-03:26 – Learn how to use Quick Shortcuts on your keyboard productively

6.1-05:21 – Use the Accessibility function to be warned if the baby cries or the doorbell rings while you’re listening to music

6.1-06:54 – Activate a Black & White screen and use less battery power

6.1-09:00 – Use Popup Apps in Multi windows

6.1-11:21 – Use the Accessibility/Dexterity and Interaction Assistant menu

6.1-13:02 – Use Smooth motion for recording videos

6.1-13:02 – Learn how to download more Modes and Filters for professional quality recordings

6.1-17:00 – Learn how to get the definition of a word and/or translate it into another language


12.07-Part 7 on the unparalleled functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note products-Note Edge Functions-2014-12 -21

Video: Part 7 -Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Note 4: Unboxing & Review

Reference / Galaxy Note features with summary description

7-00:00 – Intro

7-00:16 – View the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge particularities, unique features and technical specs

7-01:00 – View the unboxing of a Note Edge

7-02:25 – Review the inside of the Note Edge

7-03:07 – Review the Note Edge physical and hardware characteristics versus the Note 4

7-05:36 – Start viewing the Note Edge screen functionality

7-07:21 – Learn how to access and navigate the Edge Settings

7-10:43 – Use the S Pen with the Edge screen

7-12:10 – Learn how to customize your Edge under Express me

7-13:24 – Learn how to configure Information stream

7-14:10 – Learn how to unlock your screen from the Edge

7-14:35 – Learn new features to accommodate the Edge display

7-15:35 – Learn how to use the new Edge Camera features

7-15:57 – View physical differences between the Note 4 and the Note Edge

7-16:30 –Summary

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