11.3-Windows 8.1-To transition to touch screen PCs-2013-11-11

Learning and keeping up to date with the constant evolution of computer technologies is by far the most important investment everyone makes in technology. Are you facing the dilemma of needing to upgrade your PCs but don’t know where to start? The articles on this web site should help you sort things out and the release of Windows 8.1 should facilitate your transition to touch screens PCs!

Manufacturers need to facilitate this constant technology evolution otherwise they will lose their customer base. Microsoft committed that sin last year with Windows 8. After being caught off-guard by the rapid success of tablets as PC replacement, Microsoft came out with Windows 8: a revolutionary new version of Windows better suited to tablets and touch screen PCs.

The main problem with the original version of Windows 8 was that it was so different than the previous Windows versions that most people could not cope with the learning curve. More so, it was designed to take advantage of touch screens in a universe where very few PCs had touch screens. Faced with rejection and lack of sales, Microsoft was forced to come out with Windows 8.1, available since October 2013, to facilitate the transition from earlier versions of Windows.

Windows 8.1 brings back the famous “Start” button, familiar to all previous Windows 7 & XP users, allowing them to more easily operate in Windows 7 mode, in addition to a number of improvements to facilitate the transition to Windows 8. NOTE: you can download Windows 8.1 for free. If you already have Windows 8, you should download Windows 8.1 as soon as you can, to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

I will not get into describing Windows 8.1 since this information is readily available. You can review Windows 8 & 8.1 touch screen navigation at:  11.0-Windows 8-Navigation-2013-05-23

Please consult Windows 8.1 tutorials and help on the Microsoft web site for further Windows 8.1 assistance.

Windows 8.1 hardware

Once you get to the point of upgrading your PC hardware to touch screen to take full advantage of Windows 8.1, you will need to select the hardware that is best suited to your needs. Please go to the following hyperlink for guidance: 11.4 – Selecting the right computer product for your needs – Windows 8.1 Hardware Update – 2013-11-11

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