10.03-Windows 10 “GodMode” – All your windows settings and tools easily accessible in one place-2016-09-06

Apparently, Microsoft Windows GodMode has been around for quite a while. Personally, I was just made aware of it last week, after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It suddenly appeared in my Quick Access folder menu. GodMode provides immediate access to ALL of the Windows operating system’s control panels within one single folder. How many times have you been looking for a Windows tool or feature setting and not finding it right away or navigating through several menus: Settings, Control Panel, …? By clicking on the GodMode folder you get instant access to ALL tools and settings, nicely categorized, on ONE screen.

What does GodMode provide?

GodMode real name is the “Windows Master Control Panel shortcut”. GodMode was an inside joke that stuck. As indicated earlier, GodMode provides immediate access to ALL of the Windows operating system’s control panels within one single folder in a well-organized manner which is not always the case within Settings, Control Panel or other Windows functions menus. Here are the 42 group titles under which 236 individual functions indicated in parenthesis beside each title are classified:

  • Administrative Tools (11)
  • AutoPlay (3)
  • Backup and Restore (Windows 7) (2)
  • Color Management (1)
  • Credential Manager (2)
  • Date and Time (4)
  • Defaults Programs (2)
  • Devices and Printers (12)
  • Display (4)
  • Ease of Access Center (26)
  • File Explorer Options (5)
  • File History (4)
  • Fonts (4)
  • HomeGroup (3)
  • Indexing Options (1)
  • Infrared (1)
  • Internet Options (15)
  • Keyboard (2)
  • Language (2)
  • Mouse (8)
  • Network and Sharing Center (11)
  • Pen and Touch (2)
  • Personalization (7)
  • Phone and modem (1)
  • Power Options (8)
  • Programs and Features (8)
  • Region (6)
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (1)
  • Security and Maintenance (14)
  • Sound (4)
  • Speech Recognition (3)
  • Storage Spaces (1)
  • Sync Center (1)
  • System (21)
  • Tablet PC Settings (4)
  • Taskbar and Navigation (6)
  • Troubleshooting (12)
  • User Accounts (8)
  • Windows Defender (1)
  • Windows Firewall (2)
  • Windows Mobility Center (2)
  • Work Folders (1)

I have been using Windows since it first came out in the 80’s. I therefore had the impression that I knew most of the Windows functionality. What a surprise! Going through the above menu items showed me that my knowledge was limited compared to what’s available.

Since I have been close to this industry for almost 50 years, it should not have been a surprise. The large Microsoft Windows development team has not worked on Windows since the early 80’s, for over 30 years, not to produce a large number of valuable functions. Operating Systems development takes decades, not years, to develop and enhance. They imbed millions and millions of instructions to make it easy for the computer, tablet and smartphone users. It is similar for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Operating Systems.

It is similar for the most widely used Apps, such as Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, … Since we cannot learn and memorize all their powerful features, what’s important is that we can easily refer to them when we need them. This is exactly what GodMode provides for Windows!

GodMode allows the users to browse through the Windows features, settings and tools to learn about their existence and how to activate or configure those to suit our particular needs.


When you start playing with sensitive configuration settings, you MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING not to get into trouble. It is a MUST THAT YOU TAKE A BACKUP PRIOR TO CHANGING MAJOR SETTINGS, in case you make a mistake. With the proper backup you can easily fall back on your feet if you do make a mistake. This is not to say that you do not modify anything. It just means that you need to act carefully!

Features that have attracted my attention

Below are some of GodMode’s menu items that have attracted my attention:

Administrative Tools

Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files

This tool will allow you to deleted all kinds of temporary files that are created while updating Windows, for example. Windows even keeps previous Windows versions 7, 8 & 8.1, in case you ever need to go back to those. With proper Windows 10 backups you don’t need any of this that takes valuable disk space.

Defragment and optimize your drives

Once you have cleaned your hard dish, it is a good idea to defragment and optimize your hard drive to enhance your computer performance. Not recommended if you have a SSD (Solid-state drive) instead of a hard disk drive.

Ease of Access Center

26 different adjustments to make your computer easier to use for you or if you have a physical restriction.

Internet Options

15 different options on how to control your internet.


7 options to personalize my computer to suit my needs.

Security and Maintenance

14 options to adapt your security and maintenance functions.


12 entries to provide help you troubleshoot a computer problem.

User Accounts

8 options to manage your computer accounts.

Enabling GodMode

To enable GodMode, if it does not appear in your Quick Access menu in Windows File Explorer “Folders menu”, after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, do the following:

  1. Make sure your Windows system account has administrative privileges.
  2. On your desktop: right-click and select New > Folder.
  3. Name the New folder (i.e. Copy & Paste the following bold expression): GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, and hit the Enter/Return key to save. The GodMode blue icon should appear on your desktop.
  4. To pin this folder to the Quick Access menu in Windows File Explorer, right-click on the newly created GodMode folder and select Pin to Quick Access.
  5. In the File Explorer Quick Access menu, GodMode should appear. Click on GodMode to open it.


As you should now be able to appreciate, activating and using GodMode simplify your life while using Windows. Enjoy it! In addition, its free!