08.4-OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a MUST for Office type work and Personal File Management on Android tablets and smartphones-2014-11-13

Have you or do you plan to make the move from a Windows PC to an Android tablet, as recommended on this Blog for a majority of current PC users, at: 12.6 – Find out why most people should replace their PC with a tablet – 2014-03-27? Do you already own an Android tablet or smartphone and would like to do Office type work on your device? Would you like more flexibility with File Management on your Android device? Are you moving Office type files to Cloud services and are looking for an easy way to accomplish this and easily view and update these files in the future? ? Would you like to know why you should EXCLUSIVELY use OfficeSuite 8 Pro for File Management on Android KitKat or later versions devices? Read further and learn how OfficeSuite 8 Pro can help you to easily accomplish all of the above and a lot more. Learn why, in my opinion, OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a MUST for your office type work and personal file management on Android tablets or smartphones.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (as of 06/27/2015): This article was published in the fall of 2014. Since everything changes very quickly in technology and with the recent availability of Microsoft Office Mobile on Android, OfficeSuite 8 Pro is not a MUST anymore. In fact, if you own a Windows PC and an Android/Apple tablet and/or smartphone, I currently recommend the use of Microsoft Office Mobile, which offers much more benefits. On the other hand, it is more expensive. If you have limited requirements with only one device and want to save, the recommendations contained in this article about OfficeSuite 8 Pro apply to you.

What is OfficeSuite 8 Pro?

OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a complete mobile office solution, developed by MobiSystems, allowing users, to create, view and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint files while away from or at the office or home.  It is in the same family of products as Microsoft Office 365 for Android and others Office Suite Apps, such as Hancom Office, Polaris Office and similar, but it offers a lot more, in my opinion, in terms of simplicity and ease of use. With OfficeSuite 8 Pro’s advanced editing features you can easily modify documents on-the-go and save them in their original format – DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, ODT, TXT, XLS, XLSX, XLM, ODS, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM and ODP – just ready to be used back on your desktop computer. You are also able to open Adobe PDF, EML, LOG and ZIP files and attachments. Few products, if any, offer such flexibility!

OfficeSuite 8 Pro Modules

OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a group of applications sharing the same user interface, look and feel, and a common and powerful File Browser/Manager. Each separate module in OfficeSuite 8 Pro supports different Microsoft® Office file formats: Document Editor for Microsoft® Word, Spreadsheet Editor for Microsoft® Excel and Presentation Editor for Microsoft® PowerPoint. A PDF module is also included to allow users to open the commonly used PDF files and attachments. Email reader module allows users to open and view EML files and attachments.

Why OfficeSuite 8 Pro versus other similar products?

One of the guiding principles highlighted many time in a variety of articles throughout this blog is “Stick with the market leaders”.  OfficeSuite 8 Pro is a market leader:

  1. Installed on 160 million devices in 205 countries and growing.
  2. Over 45 million downloads alongside 55,000 daily activations.
  3. The No. 1 app in Google Play’s Business category with 300,000+ user reviews.
  4. Preloaded by top manufacturers including: Sony, Amazon, ACER, Alcatel, Toshiba, Sharp, Barnes & Noble, Archos, Polaroid, ViewSonic, Kyocera and Kobo. 

But the main reasons to install and use OfficeSuite 8 Pro is that it has more functionality, does a better job, is easier and more intuitive to learn and use than any other such product that I have tested over the past two years.

Furthermore, OfficeSuite 8 Pro provides files and folders management flexibility and ease of use, that is lacking on Android, as we will review below.

Installing OfficeSuite 8 Pro (Trial) and Paid versions

To install OfficeSuite 8 Pro, search for OfficeSuite 8 Pro (Trial) in the Google Play Store, and install it. You may buy the Paid version at that time or go for the 7 days free product access for a chance to evaluate the product. Once you are prompted to BUY, follow the instructions to buy the Paid version for a mere U$14.99/year. This product’s file management functionality for Android KitKat devices, by itself, is worth that price.

Here is a list of advanced editing features available with the OfficeSuite 8 Pro Paid version, not available with the Free OfficeSuite 8 + PDF Converter. The Paid version features are:

  • Ad Free
  • Export to PDF
  • Open Office format support
  • Standard Font Pack
  • Format Painter in Word documents
  • Save with password
  • Camera picture insertion
  • Word to PDF conversion
  • Insert filters in Excel
  • Insert conditional formatting
  • Define names in spreadsheets
  • Export picture from file (Save Picture) Excel
  • Edit charts in Excel files
  • Save as CSV
  • Edit transitions in PowerPoint
  • Export PDF to Word, Excel and ePub
  • Microsoft Compatibility Font Pack
  • New! Track changes
  • New! PDF files protection
  • QuickWrite predictive keyboard
  • QuickSpell spell check
  • New! PhotoSuite 3 image editor
  • QuickPDF Scanner Premium
  • Priority support

Opening Documents with OfficeSuite 8 Pro

The OfficeSuite 8 Pro’s File Browser/Manager allows users to open local or remote files and attachments, received in emails or downloaded via a web browser:

  • E-mail attachments, when you receive an email attachment in one of the supported file formats, in Gmail: you press the on the 3 little dots, on the right of the attachment, and select Download again. Then, you get Complete Action Using and you select OfficeSuite. Once opened in OfficeSuite, you can do whatever you please with this document and file it wherever you want: on the device or on the Cloud. You should have similar options on other email services providers, which I have not tested.
  • Through OfficeSuite File Browser/Manager: Open OfficeSuite and use the built-in File Browser/Manager (Home/Recent files/Templates/My Documents/Internal storage/SD card/Remote files) to navigate to the desired file and open it. Various supported file formats are listed with different ico Recent files and My documents shortcuts, in the file Browser/Manager, offer quick access to recently used files or to your designated document folder.
  • Through web browser: While browsing the web you might come across document files. With the Android Chrome or the Microsoft Explorer browser: select to download the file, then, when you get Complete Action Using, select OfficeSuite. Once opened in OfficeSuite, you can do whatever you please with this document and file it wherever you want: on the device or on the Cloud. You should have similar options on other web browsers, which I have not tested.
  • Remote files. OfficeSuite 8 Pro allows users to access third party Cloud storage accounts and fil To do so, use Remote files in the File Browser/Manager side bar on Android phones or the left pane on tablets. Once you selected Remote files, you can add as many supported Cloud services (Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and/or OneDrive) as you want. Just add the accounts you want to have full access to your Cloud services.

Managing Files and Folders with OfficeSuite 8 Pro’s File Browser/Manager

The File Browser/Manager is organized in several useful shortcuts providing quick access to local files, remotely stored files or to designated document folders:

  • Home – (House icon) – the homescreeninOfficeSuite, for direct links to different sub-products that come with or are added to yourversionofOfficeSuite. For example:
    • Documents: for Word compatible text documents.
    • Spreadsheet: for Excel compatible spreadsheet documents.
    • Presentation: for PowerPoint compatible presentation documents.
    • PDF: for PDF documents. OfficeSuite provides the functionality to convert PDF documents into editable Word .docx and Excel .xlsx documents, and .epub (Book reading format) documents.
    • PhotoSuite3: a free photo studio editing add-on app, from MobiSystems, that you download by clicking the ADD-ONS tractor wheel, at the bottom of the Home screen, and selecting PhotoSuite3.
    • Oxford Dictionary: an Oxford Dictionary add-on app that you can buy from MobiSystems and/or download by clicking the ADD-ONS tractor wheel, at the bottom of the Home screen, and selecting Oxford Dictionary.
    • And other purchased add-ons.
  • Recent files – (Sheet+Clock icon) – a folder with the last used files.
  • Templates – (Sheet+Lines icon) – template Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents ready to be modified and used.
  • My documents – (Sheet+Head icon) – the default document folder on you device. Initially you will be able to select it.
  • Internal storage – (Phone icon) – access to all local files on the device memory.
  • SD card — (Box icon) – access to all local files on the device SD card.
  • Remote files – (Cloud icon) – access to your Google Drive, DropBox, Box, SugarSync and/or OneDrive accounts.

Why should you EXCLUSIVELY use OfficeSuite 8 Pro for File Management on Android KitKat or later versions devices? 

Google has changed file management in Android Kit-Kat and possibly on later versions also. This has raised frustrations from many users who struggle to find the location and access their files and downloads. Others feel that they have lost control over their file management. In any case, finding and managing files in native Android Kit-Kat is FAR from being as trivial as with OfficeSuite 8 Pro. Therefore, I strongly recommend to everyone to EXCLUSIVELY use OfficeSuite 8 Pro for File Management.

This means that you open OfficeSuite 8 Pro , or wake-up if left idle, every time you want to access or work with your files and/or manage your files within OfficeSuite 8 Pro. This represents the same action as opening any other File Manager plus the added benefit of being ready, once within OfficeSuite 8 Pro, to execute whatever work is required on any such file.

This will provide you with an easy to learn and use File Browser/Manager, as described above, plus the benefits from OfficeSuite 8 Pro’s extensive file management functionality and flexibility. In other words, it will make File Management, on Android KitKat or later versions devices, easy and enjoyable to use.

OfficeSuite 8 Pro version 8 improvements:

  • New desktop-inspired user interface and experience
  • Word module:
    • Track changes
    • Document author support
    • Predefined page margins
    • Comments visualized as balloons
    • Page color support
  • Excel module:
    • Additional font support
  • PowerPoint module:
    • Text formatting
  • PDF module:
    • Permissions management: user password, owner password, printing and annotations
  • Digital signatures and signature profiles
  • More annotation types

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