08.2–FoxFi–Turn your Android phone into a WiFi Hotspot-2012/10/14

One very important feature of my smartphone is to use its cellular connection to connect my laptop and my wife’s iPad to the internet while we are traveling and don’t have a WiFi signal to connect to. This is for economic and practical reasons, since I am not constantly on the road and I don’t want the additional costs of a separate cellular internet connection for my laptop or iPad.

Up to lately, I was always using PdaNet 3.50 to connect my laptop to the internet while traveling. The use of PdaNet can be found at: http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Tether-Your-Android-Phone-with-PdaNet-254323330. I still use PdaNet when I want to only connect my laptop using a USB connection versus WiFi.

FoxFi is available on Google Play. Using unbelievably simple. Just install and turn it on. Access Point is infrastructure mode with WPA security. FoxFi usage is covered under the same phone data plan you have.

If you install the FoxFi AddOn app, you will also be able to get:

  1. Notifications of WiFi client connections.
  2. A Web Proxy server on the phone that can be used to hide tether usage.
  3. Debug log sending.

Enabling WPA security

The first time you use FoxFi, enable the WPA security to limit bystanders’ access to your WiFi Hotspot. To do this, you only have to:

  1. Start FoxFi
  2. Click on “Password (WPA)”
  3. Input a unique password (Min. 8 characters – Ideally containing small & capital letters and numbers)

That’s it!

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