3.2–What’s possible with today’s personal computing technology=The new requirements-2012/01/11

To better visualize what is possible with today’s personal computing technology; let’s consider the scenario where we are traveling on business and pleasure and we have the following needs:

1. We want instant access to our contacts list to place a call or send an email;

2. We must check our calendar and schedule an appointment;

3. We want to read our emails no matter where we are and answer them;

4. Suddenly, we have a good idea that we do not want to forget and therefore document it on a note and add a drawing, then email all to a colleague;

5. We want to see our Business Dashboard and dictate required actions;

6. We received documents in Word and Excel that need to be edited and returned by email;

7. We want to document a long text using voice input, then edit it using a keyboard with text editing software;

8. We have developed a PowerPoint presentation that we want to edit and then project on a large screen;

9. We want to have access to more storage capacity than our cell phone memory using large capacity (32GB) “micro SD” cards and use those to store our “backup” copies;

10. We want an unlocked cell phone or tablet in order to buy a local SIM card in each country we visit to minimize communication costs (voice and data) where ever we are. We want to avoid having a different cell phone in each Country we stay (Ex: Canada, Florida, France, etc.).

11. We want to communicate over the Internet with our PC by “tethering” the laptop with the cell phone using the same SIM card when there is no internet access via modem or WiFi. This approach allows us to avoid additional charges for wireless internet with our PC;

12. We see something of interest and we want to take a quality picture on the spot. We also want to correct minor defects at once. Then, we want to add notes on this photo and email it to a friend;

13. We are watching an exciting race and we want to capture the action on quality video for viewing on an HD TV back at the hotel;

14. We are hungry for Chinese food and we want to find a restaurant nearby, obtain the directions to get there, and use GPS navigation in the route on foot;

15. We need to call and we want to show the caller in real time, where we are and what we are seeing, using a quality camera;

16. We have some free time would like to play a game like solitaire, Sudoku or others;

17. We are in the car and our hands are busy, therefore, we would like to use voice commands to send a message or an email to a person in our contact list using our smart phone;

18. We are walking in Paris and get lost with all the roundabouts. We would like to be guided on foot with a portable GPS;

19. We don’t want to miss a tourist site of high interest in the area where we are and be guided and be guided to this site by GPS. We would also like to get details about this site on our portable;

20. We would like to pay our small purchases by swapping our cell phone near a cash register sensor;

21. We would like to listen to local FM radio with quality sound;

22. During the evening at the hotel, we would like to easily transfer wirelessly our photos and videos on our PC;

23. For fans of social networks, they would like to stay connected at all times with friends, make comments in real time, in addition to providing their location and their displacements on a map in real time;

24. And so on …

This is not science fiction. This is available today using the latest devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. You can find details on the use of this device in in future documents in the Samsung Note collection.


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