The “Approach” tab regroups topics defining the overall approach and the guiding principles of the entire blog site. Since there is such a multitude of technologies, products and solutions offered in the market place, we must define and apply basic principles and guidelines to direct our efforts in order to achieve our objectives and produce the expected results in the most productive way.

These guiding principles include:

  1. Pragmatic approach – By far, the most significant investment anyone makes in technology is the time spent learning and acquiring new skills to take advantage of the multitude of available features. Therefore, we must make decisions that will minimize our learning curve and maximize our productive time.
  2. Keep things simple – Even though suppliers do their best to simplify the use of their individual products, the sheer number of features and the variety of products everyone of us needs to acquire to satisfy our needs often results in complex technological environment. Therefore, we have to always do our utmost to simplify things, minimize the number of products and make sure they can integrate simply.
  3. Stick with the market leaders – Everyday someone comes up with a better idea or a new mouse trap. Some people are “early acquirers”. They always want to be on the cutting edge of technology. Many of these new ideas and products don’t live up to their expected benefits and disappear. We cannot forget the investment in time and effort to
    learn, implement and use these products. The ones that do, either enjoy a great success and become market leaders on their own, or get acquired by a market leader. Since market leaders influence the evolution of technology and generally supply proven and reliable technologies, it is a safe and profitable approach for most basic components to stick with market leaders as much as possible, with the market leaders’ offerings. Generally, we can easily find a lot of information and support on market leaders’ products, which is far from negligible.

For the above reasons, throughout this blog web site every recommendation will respect the above basic principles in order to minimize your learning curve and maximize the potential benefits.

Some people may think it is a conservative approach and it is! In my experience, most individuals hardly use the valuable features of the products they already own. They also have difficulties just learning how to operate and adapt to the new versions of the products they use. Typically, most products have been acquired by word of mouth or press buzz. Many times by friendly advice from people that did not know much. They end up, most of the time, with incompatible technologies that gives them nightmares to integrate and/or synchronize. These are the prime candidates for this blog site. The super technicians may be left on their appetite.

This is why, if you are looking for out of the box untested promising technologies, you’re on the wrong blog site. This site mainly focuses on proven, tested and reliable approaches from market leading companies. This does not mean we don’t stay up to date. Just the opposite, we will push you to stay you up to date and use the latest versions of the recommended products. We will also help you understand what you are doing and what to look for to make better decisions.

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